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Parenting Spiritually


In support of your child 

This course is a comprehensive approach to parenting that helps parents from pre-conception to well into your child’s adulthood.


It involves parenting children in a new way, not based upon the way you may have been parented, but based on what your child needs at different points in time. It deals with specific issues parents are facing with their children. 


The courses fills the void of information and support available to pre-parents and parents at all stages of the parenting cycle, providing parents with an ongoing system of support and knowledge. 


The courses are just as applicable to a grandparent as it is to a prospective parent or parent.

Each workshop is supported by: 

  • a copy of the  comprehensive parenting book - the "Spiritual Parenting, in support of your child" 

  • a Parenting Agreement session together with your co-parent or key support person to address upcoming and potential parenting pitfalls

Yellow Package


  • What is spiritual parenting 

  • Models of parenting & impact

  • Concept of time in parenting 

  • Setting Expectations 

  • Parenting for the child, not the parent

  • Gender Issues 

  • Parenting cycle frorm pre-birth to 3 months 

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  • For those who want a "just in time" approach

  • A  series of 1 day workshops to suit your child's current or approaching needs from you as a parent.  A course in each of the above age ranges may be for you 

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  • Parenting from 3 months to              pre teen 

  • Being a step parent 

  • The price of non -independence 

  • The differing role of the father and mother in this period 

  • Impact of Spiritual Values in this period 

  • Practical Exercises 

Prenatal Portrait


  • A four day, comprehensive coverage of the role of parents from pre birth to adulthood. Best for parents of children of differing age groups, and for those who want the whole picture 

  • Supported by comprehensive Text Book broken down by ages with simple and clear approaches

  • Augmented by practical exercises 


PARENTING 13 - 21 YEARS and Beyond

  • Influences on a child from 13 - 17 years 

  • Impact of spiritual values on this period 

  • Parenting from 21 years onwards 

  • Two further stages of independence

  • The effect of being 27 years 

  • What it means to be a grandparent 

  • Seasonal effects upon children  

Happy Family


  • Parenting Coaching sessions to keep you and your family on track

  • Hahnemann Healing to help you parent for your child, and let go of past patterns that block progress

  • Mediumship Readings to uncover the Karma of  your child, and yours in raising them 

  • Spiritual Counselling to ignite your best self as a person and a parent

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Which workshops interest you?

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If anything about this approach feels like it is calling your attention - drop us a line and let us know.  We will send you more information about upcoming workshops, and what you can expect when attending. 


Participants  comment that they are not only uplifted and empowered by the approach, they also value the connections with like minded people who also want to parent in a more conscious, spiritual way.  


  •  June 3rd - Parenting Spiritually Pre Conception to Primary School 

  • September 13th - 16th - Parenting Spiritually, All ages, Full Program 

  • November 4th -  Parenting Spiritually, Pre conception to Primary School 

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