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Newborn Baby

Spiritual Parenting for Prospective Parents
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When it comes to parenting, one size doesn’t fit all but there is an approach that helps empower everyone involved. Parenting Spiritually. It’s a method that sees parents tailor their style to meet the needs of their child and results are life changing. 


Parenting is the toughest gig in town but when you parent spiritually and understand the importance of parenting for the child rather than to your own needs, or  society's expectations a clear road map unfolds. You understand what your child needs so they can be who they are meant to be and you learn to help them meet life’s challenges while contributing their best self to the world. 


When you understand where to focus your energy, you unlock your own joy and satisfaction. From here you can build a strong foundation where a connected family unit can last and grow.


Join us and 

  • Charge up your parenting batteries

  • Strengthen your relationship and ready it for the family dynamic 

  • Grow confidence in your parenting skills

  • Learn how to parent for your child's needs


You get: 


A 4 day workshop  (or the one day birth to 3  - we will use this material for both) with your partner and other like minded parents - explore who you are as a parent and decide how you intend to parent in the future.

What you will get: 

  • A Spiritual road map for how to parent for the child and understand what they need from you

  • A Spiritual Parenting handbook with spiritual knowledge direct from the greater universe and the ancient mystery schools but for today’s context.  

  • A private session with a Spiritual Parenting coach who will guide you and your partner through the creation of your personalised parenting agreement. This framework will set you up to achieve as parents and help you build deeper connections and intimacy in your relationship.

  • The follow up - a half hour Parenting Check In  session after the workshop - how is your plan being implemented, how do you feel about it - what can you adjust to ensure greater harmony?

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Successful families don’t just happen, they take a focussed, deliberate action.   Unlike other parenting sessions, we don’t just ask you endless questions about “what would you do”, we give you answers that are direct and honest about what will work for you and your child and what won't.   


This is a personalised, fast track to getting right to the heart of what will supercharge your next steps, and invigorate you and your life.


We guarantee that if you take action, you will experience  permanent and lasting shifts in your own personal growth, setting up your family for ongoing connected happiness.  

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  • Guaranteed clarity on what you need to do to get your family and parenting on track and how to  keep it there 

  • Committed support and stretch which is honest and given with intent to get you where you need to be

  • Insight unlike any other about your child’s future, and how your parenting can guide and prepare them for their life

  • Feel confident about your relationship and co parenting, having already faced the key dilemmas that others haven’t even thought about yet 

  • Enjoy your parenting journey - it’s meant to be joyful, even on the tough days - and when you know what to expect - you know how to navigate the blockers and turn them into stepping stones. 

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This video is sent for the reminder of whats in program before the discovery call, or after while they are deciding. Also is an explanation of the program if we want to use it on social media posts. 

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