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Living a Spiritual Life


Imagine if life and your place in it made sense -  you understood why your life was unfolding the way it was and you felt strong about your purpose and values. 


Suppose the patterns you've spotted - the ones on high rotation in your relationships and choices  -  were part of a larger blueprint set in place for your ultimate success?


If only there was a life playbook, a roadmap,  that helped us take the next right step so we could live the life that was meant. 


Imagine no further. If you want answers to those kinds of questions, this workshop is for you! A unique opportunity to gain accurate spiritual knowledge to assist you on your journey.


Challenge your mind, provide you with insights to help you understand your life and form a basis of knowledge which will allow you to grow.


It's a day of  straight talk and deep info about what a spiritual life really means and how to live it.

This 'roadmap' for life workshop will leave you feeling equipped to live a life of fulfilment making the choices that are right for you in order to reach your purpose. You will be given a comprehensive and truthful explanation on the following topics:

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Why we are here and an explanation of life on earth as it is, and is meant to be

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The meaning of spirituality and what living spiritually means in a practical, everyday sense

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What is it and how does it impact our life plan. How much do we truly have and what does it take to exert it?

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Why we have it, how to access it and the impact on your world if you use it.

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The who, what when and how of the spiritual world described. And how it commuicates with earth

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The who, what when and how of the spiritual world described. And how it commuicates with earth

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The purpose of pre, current and post life and karma's role

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Understand the broader connections in life and the  spiritual world. 

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Ready for deep, practical spiritual knowledge and growth. YES PLEASE


Take home your own copy of Understanding Spiritual Living and How to do it booklet
Meet Your Guide meditation so you can keep and continue your connection with the spiritual world
Morning and afternoon tea
One day workshop in our intimate setting in vibrant Carlton.
Find your tribe and connect with like minded people with aha moments galore

The information provided in this Workshop is received directly from spirit through The Sphinx Spiritual School Of Learning, an organisation dedicated to the teaching of spiritual knowledge delivered with integrity and accuracy. 

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