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Nearly Really You -
An extraordinary retreat for women 
to bring you back
on to the path to the real you

21st - 23rd July, Great Ocean Road, Victoria 

Join us on one of Australia's most distinctive Retreats! Arguably the most dramatic landscapes in Australia sets the stage for a warming winter weekend of deep, connected experiences with other like-minded spiritual women.

Seacroft Estate features soaring seaside cliffs, a breathtaking undisturbed seascape of endless natural coastline and a star filled night-sky that's sure to expand your spirit.

Develop inner clarity in sessions designed to bring you personal harmony like never felt before. World-class approaches shared by Sonia and Karla who are proudly accredited spiritual healers and counsellors and are smiling ear to ear at the thought of working with you.

Also included:

  • Opening Ceremony with Sound Bath

  • The Labyrinth Walk

  • Finding Personal Harmony

  • Am I Nearly Really Me ?

  • Guided Spiritual Meditations (raise your vibrations)

  • Sunrise Yoga (and a cheeky ocean dip)

  • Beachside Campfire (with a thick Italian hot chocolate)

  • Delicious nutritionist prepared meals (yes, healthy can be yum)

  • Stargazing

  • New Life Long Friends

This specially curated women's retreat, set amongst the untapped rugged and romantic coastline, is waiting for you with open arms. Led by accredited spiritual practitioners, Karla and Sonia, who bring their spiritual practices to you along with decades of experience in leading and creating inspiring events & programs for people worldwide across the creative and corporate sectors. Years of experience and passion accumulating in this retreat designed just for you. Your path back to you starts now.

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Something about this retreat has caught your attention - a feeling, a knowing, a calling - whichever it is... act on it - download our detailed agenda here to see exactly what all the fuss is about and extra details about the venue and pricing.  

or book a call with us today to ask more questions/check out if this is a retreat for you. 

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