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An approach for change

Offering readings, counselling and healing for individuals, families and couples. My work is deep and can take as few as one session or reading for a specific issue or ongoing for more complex issues.  Book a time to talk to help get your life back on track to self fulfilment, happiness and purpose. 

Matters of the Heart

Increase Self  Belief and Confidence

Loss and Grief

Date the same person over and over or perpetually single? Learn why certain relationships have or have not been in your life and get to the heart of the issue.   We look at your love story through the lens of your spiritual journey and in the context of your life history and patterns.    An accelerated pathway to make stronger choices for deeper love in your life.

Experiences lead us to make decisions about who we are and what we are worth. Flawed thinking starts often at a very young age.    Looking at your history through a new lens and facing the truth of your life can bring a great sense of relief and renewed confidence.   Decide whether to be loyal to your past, or your future self. Carve out a life on your terms and values.

Loss and grief is more than death. We can experience loss at work, in relationships, of hopes and dreams and even time. No matter what the loss each impacts us emotionally.    Our work helps you understand the impact of loss, and the spiritual stages we need to move through to heal.    Through a reading, spiritual counselling and healing we help you understand your situation and work through your grief so you can move back into life with new perspective and happiness.

Get Your Life Back on Track

Everyone gets off track in life. Sometimes you feel stuck, and can't find a way forward.  Anxiety, depression, loneliness or a feeling that you are missing something important. ​ When the same cycle repeats, you need clarity about why, and a plan to make change.   Understand how you got here, and how to make better choices to get back on track again.

Break Up or
Break Through

Relationships take work and often hit rocky patches. How do you know if you should stay and rebuild love, connection and happiness or run for the hills? Spiritually, there are clear markers that show whether a relationship is broken, or in need of a tune up.     Our work allows us to identify the true state of your relationship and help you navigate the necessary steps forward. Many relationships suffer from misreading the signs - and end too early - or too late. A reading or spiritual counselling can help. We also have a service for the newly coupled, or an established couple looking to deepen their connection. This service is a spiritually based questionnaire that drives a deeper understanding of your values and expectations helping create a more fulfilling and strong relationship.  Sessions for couples, or individuals.   *Ask about our retreats for developing deeper love relationships and post divorce recovery.

Life Decisions

Transitioning through careers, parenting, family changes,  illness, job disruptions or other major choices often needs more than logic.  Making decisions spiritually ensures you are placing the most important things in priority, and setting up a strong foundation for moving forward without regret.    Whether you are making the decision, or having a change thrust upon you, working with us can help you transition more smoothly and anticipate how to manage conversations, plan for life  and prepare for challenges ahead.

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